Zero Worries About Tax Obligations

Organized Accounting

– Consolidation of Accounts
– Tax Returns
– Tax Clearance
– Online Accounting Report
– Cost Center Accounting
– Control of Current Accounts
– VAT Refund Process

Analytical Accounting

– Identification of General Expenses and Expenses in Each Segment of the Company
– Picking Information to Trigger Planning
– Profit and Loss Prevision
– Results Evaluation

Fiscal Consulting

– Tax Framework
– Tax Optimization
– Consolidation of Accounts
– Analysis and Implementation of Tax Benefits

Accounting and Tax Supervision

– Validation of Accounting Processes
– Accounting Review Reports
– Closing Scenarios
– Control and Supervision of Fiscal and Para-Fiscal Obligations
– Cash Flow Analysis
– Periodic Analysis of Accounting Indicators

Accessory Obligations

– Domiciliation of Companies
– Tax Representation
– Correspondence Domiciliation
– Instrastat
– Communication Bank of Portugal
– Documentation Custody
– Electronic Mailbox Management

Execution of Accounting at Customer Premises

Whenever required.