We are a global organization supporting the accounting and management of companies, placing the most advanced management tools at the service of our customers and partners, as well as a vast multidisciplinary and highly qualified team to respond to the specific needs of each one.

We were pioneers in launching the Online Management concept, providing a service on the network exclusively dedicated to the customer – NAREDESEMPRE. Our commitment to new technologies allows us to provide customers with Just in time access to accounting, financial and human resources information; decisively contributing to the companies’ managers to conduct their decision-making process quickly and reliably.

We assume a differentiating and winning attitude, a posture that over the years has been decisive for us to be today a respected entity in the segment of companies providing Consulting and Management Support Services.



These are some of the rules that guide the behavior of all our professionals.



We know that we have developed a set of actions of maximum responsibility and decisive for the success of our clients’ business projects. In this sense, we undertake to give absolute guarantees of total responsibility for the actions carried out by our team.

Rigor and Integrity

The treatment of economic information requires strict standards of technical and ethical behavior, therefore, the principles of rigor and integrity are essential in the training of our professionals.


We demand from ourselves the utmost rectitude towards our customers and employees, fully honoring all established commitments.

Knowledge and Innovation

Aware that accounting and management needs are constantly evolving, we are committed to continuous training of the human resources staff and a permanent update of the technologies that support our work.


Added value

We want our solutions to create a positive impact on our customers’ business projects. The solutions we have presented have the mission of achieving our customers’ goals, with a view to creating value.

Our Team

José Luís Fernandes

Gabriel Batista

Vanessa gomes

Liliana Nóbrega

Raimonda Reid

César Silva

Luís Chá-Chá

Aurélio Rocha